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Private Security Professionals

International advisors

Welcome to Darkfield CP Ltd. We are a specialist security company dedicated to providing fresh high impact security solutions for a diverse portfolio of clients across the UK and Europe.


About Us

We founded DarkfieldCP Ltd with one mission in mind and that is to provide the top tier security professionals to our clients. Our reputation for Integrity has enabled us to thrive within the industry.

Our Services


Close Protection

M / F Bodyguards

Darkfield Security have the experience of providing experienced Executive protection to high net worth individuals.We can offer a full spectrum of services ranging from overt protection teams to discreet covert operatives in both high and low risk environments


Residential Security


We combine a dual service of providing you protection whilst you are at your residences or absent. Reduce the risk of of unwanted occupiers by calling us to provide a full scope of protection for your unique requirements.


Hotel Security


Darkfield security personnel are trained to the highest standards in order to understand the philosophy and ethos of each individual hotel; to us this is vital so that our personnel further promote and enhance the smooth day to day running of the clients’ hotel. This in turn ensures that they build a strong lasting relationship with the management and existing employees of the hotel, with all this in place this is guaranteed to create a good team ethic.


Leisure Security

Private Members/ Hotels

The  Door Supervisors that we provide ensure that they conduct themselves at your venue with the upmost professionalism, we can only achieve these high standards by putting all of our perspective staff through a very strict recruitment, vetting and profiling process to ensure that we only recruit the best individuals to best represent our company and to provide the highest service to our perspective clients.

Contact Us

207 Regent Street
London W1B 3HH

+44 (0) 3334 045 999

+44 (0) 7887 750165


Come Work with Us

Join the Team

Please feel free to contact us for a job. We will endeavour to contact you as soon as we can. Alternatively, please email Mark@darkfieldjobs. com

Thanks for applying! We’ll be in touch soon.

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